Subra Gunasekaran, PhD



Dr. Subra Gunasekaran with a PhD in Biochemcial based biological sciences has been an Active member of the Society for Biomaterials (USA), since 1983 As an expert in biomedical applications of collagen, he authored Collagen related Chapters in Books: Collagen Based Wound Dressings, P 1267- 1286, in Book: Encyclopedic Handbook of Biomaterials and Bioengineering, 1995; and Minieralized Collagen as an OsteoInductive material, P. 171-179, in Book Hydroxyapatite and Related Materials, 1994. Published over 60 scientific Papers; 5 issued US Patents and currently working on more Patents; Received US FDA approvals for several medical device products; Assisted establishing ASTM/FDA Standards for "Surgical Grade Collagen" F-2212-1999. Dr. Guna's academic credentials include his ability to clarify the technical dilemma at FDA regarding the feasibility of manufacturing Type-I Collagen through recombinant methods. Dr. David Kaplan, CDRH at FDA during late 90 called in for an expert team through "Yahoo group of Collagen". As a Biomaterial Scientist, Dr. Guna, declared that the concept is not feasible because type-I collagen molecule is expressed by 2 independent genes, one responsible for one strand of the long alpha chain of collagen and the other gene for the rest of the 2 strands of the long chains of the same molecule. Even today, 20 years later, there is no scientific technique discovered to express two genes in the same biological cell system which can be assembled in the right proportion for the alignment to match the native 'c' and 'n' terminal portions of the long polypeptide chains as it occurs naturally in an intact biological organism.